Jack and The Ripper is an electronic rock duo conformed by twin brothers: Daniel and David Barbedillo. JATR merges music, video, virtual reality, augmented reality, digital art, 3D modeling, videogames, deep learning, and animation with a DIY ethos in all of their work.  

On April 14, 2014, JATR released its first official album "Vol. 2". The LP received positive reviews from local media including the blog 'Me Hace Ruido' listing "Vol. 2" as one of the best album releases of 2014.

The following year, the duo played Festival Marvin (05-16-15). A month before the show, JATR recorded and produced an Os Mutantes cover "The The Dream is Gone" which sparked a positive review from Sergio Dias (Os Mutantes). Later this same year, JATR performed at the Franz Mayer Museum (09-27-15).

On April 19, 2016, Jack and The Ripper released their first Virtual Reality Music App Single "JATR VR" and headlined the first International Virtual Reality Festival in Mexico (08-26-16) where they debuted their first Augmented Reality Live Show.   

March 15, 2017, Jack and The Ripper headlined an official SXSW Showcase curated by Desert Daze Festival, Good Vibrations, and Foro Indie Rocks. On July 3, 17, they released their second Virtual Reality App Single “JATRVR2” and on October 31, 17, the duo released their third Virtual Reality Single “Waves”.

August 3, 2018, JATR released its fourth Virtual Reality Experience “Homemade Lobotomy Live @ Milliways” and on October 12, 2018, the duo released its second LP “Waking Dream".  'NOFM-Radio' listed 'Homemade Lobotomy' as one of the best musical releases of 2018.

On November 6, 2019, Jack and The Ripper released their first Online 2D Videogame Music Single "Can't Forgive a Ghost" from their second LP "Waking Dream".

On March 20, 2020, JATR released its live performance "Jack and The Ripper Live at Glitchville Under Quarantine" and on June 27 the duo released "Pointless" the second level of their online 2D Videogame. On August 26, JATR released the single "Circles" from their second album as a 3D Hover Skate Videogame and on August 28 they released "Chasing Your Tail" another single from their second LP as a 3D Bowling Videogame.

From August 30 to September 7, Jack and The Ripper showcased all of their Virtual Reality Experiences at Burning Man Project VR 2020.  On December 4, 2020, JATR released a video for their single "Blood on the Wind" where Jack and The Ripper come to life as avatars on a stage full of flashing and unreal visuals intermingling glitch art, static and digital psychedelia.

On April 20, 2021, the duo released two AI-Generated cover versions by Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald of JATR's "Homemade Lobotomy" from their second LP "Waking Dream". From August 29 through September 7, 2021, JATR premiered "Cosmonaut" a new Virtual Reality Experience at Burning Man Project Virtual Edition 2021.

On October 25, 2021, JATR released a new 3D videogame titled JATR-3D "Zombies from Outer Space" featuring a new song titled "Dry" from their upcoming album.

A very special connection between Jack and The Ripper can be wildly appreciated during their live performances where cathartic and frenetic shows are delivered by a pair of clones bashing guitar glitch solos and lasers through perplexing beautiful and vicious electronic atmospheres.